Blind Peer-Review Publications
    Conference Presentations 
    • White, R., Neufeld, D.J. & Roghanizad, M. (2017) Media naturalness and the ability to predict generosity in a give-some – get-some interaction. 50th Hawaiian International Conference on System Sciences, Kona, HI.
    • Roghanizad, M. M. & Neufeld, D. (2015). Intuition, Risk, and the Formation of Online Trust: The Asymmetric Effect of Risk on System1 vs. System2. Poster presentation at the Southern Ontario Behavioural Decision Research Conference, Rotman School of Management, Toronto, ON.
    • Bohns, V., Roghanizad, M. M. & Xu, A. (2014). I can't Believe you Agreed to That! Underestimating Our Influence Over Others’ Unethical Behavior. Paper Presented in C. Rader and V. Bohns (Co-Chairs), Under and Over-Estimating Our Influence Over Others at Work, Symposium at the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Philadelphia, PA.
    • Roghanizad, M. M. & Bohns, V. K. (2013). Estimating the Effectiveness of Computer-Mediated Help-Seeking. Society for Judgment and Decision Making Conference.
    Working Paper 
    • White, R.E., Neufeld, D. & Roghanizad, M. M. Predicting Cooperativeness: Media Matter. (Click here for summary)
    • Roghanizad, M. M. & Bohns, V. K. Why friends seek for help via email? Overconfidence in computer-mediated persuasiveness among friends.
    • Roghanizad, M. M. & Bohns, V. K. Why Do Help-Seekers Choose to Ask Over Email? Embarrassment and its Effect on Medium Selection
    • Roghanizad, M. M. Navigation Path and Online Trust Formation.


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